Kiene Wheel Grabber

Wheel Grabber
Part Number: K-1350
Price: $1,695.00
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Galvanic electrolysis can literally freeze hub piloted wheels on their hub. In fact they can become so frozen to their hub that it can become a serious safety problem trying to remove them. Do any of the following techniques sound familiar: Swinging a 20 lb. sledge at the tire (hope your arms and back hold out); Placing a porta power between the frame and wheel (stand back); Loosening the lug nuts and driving the vehicle around the block (and hope the wheels don't fall off before you get back to the garage). It sounds strange, but unfortunately these are some of actual techniques that have been used.

Works effectively on steel or aluminum wheels, drive axle, steer axle, or trailer.

Great for mobile service work.

The Pulling Chains are hooked into the hand holes and their Safety Hooks are attached to the Wheel Grabber. Next, the Hub Socket is centered on the wheel hub. An impact wrench, applied to the Forcing Screw, uniformly tightens the Pulling Chains until the seized wheel is freed - without damage to the wheel or hub! SAFE, QUICK, SIMPLE!

The WHEEL GRABBER comes complete with one Hub Socket of your choice, and one matched set of Pulling Chains of your choice for either steel or aluminum wheels.