Kiene Eaton DM Ultrashift Clutch Adapter for Clutch Caddy

Part Number: CC-2064
Price: $325.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Clutch Caddy now has a new adapter kit that can be used for the massive Eaton DM Clutch.  The adapter designed to handle the larger, deeper 182 lb clutch and includes a new splined shaft and leg extensions for better stability.

The Clutch Caddy is designed to help the mechanic install and remove heavy 14" and 15-1/2" truck clutches in the confined drive train environment unassisted. Now one mechanic can roll a heavy clutch under the truck, and safely raise, position and install it. The Clutch Caddy is the only tool with the flexibility to do this every time.  Its exclusive clutch holder allows the clutch to swivel 360 around the base, giving it the flexibility to get the clutch past all obstacles -- under extremely cramped conditions. With available adapters it provides the shop with a unique lifting, holding and positioning device for a variety of heavy-duty tasks.

Clutch Caddy Sold Separately