Kiene: Hub Oil Seal Puller

Kiene: Hub Oil Seal Puller
Part Number: K-1295
Price: $120.00
Part Number:  K-1295
Manufacturer Part #:  K-1295
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Removing hub oil seals slows down routine brake jobs.  Prying or driving them out is time consuming and bearings are often damaged in the process.  This new Hub Oil Seal Puller solves these problems.  It pulls oil seals fast, without damaging the bearings.  You save time, money, bearings and frustration.

  • Pulls hub seals from steer axle, drive axle and trailer seals
  • Saves time, every time
  • No need for prybars, crowsfoot, screwdrivers or punches
  • Works with all seals
  • Leverage arm delivers exceptional pulling power
  • Heavy-duty ductile iron construction
  • Pulls the entire seal, not just the rubber seal ring
  • Even the most stubborn oil seals come off the hub cleanly, easily and fast