Kiene: Universal Joint Puller

Part Number: K2000
Price: $425.00
Part Number:  K2000
Manufacturer Part #:  K2000
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Designed to disassemble and assemble heavy-duty truck universal joints.

  • Capable of 7 tons of non-slip pulling power
  • Provides a no slip pull because it securely bolts to the yoke
  • Pull plate, push plate, and main screw made of case hardened steel
  • Cables made of galvanized aircraft rope with stainless swaged shank and ball

Prevents Damage

At no time does the puller push or pull on the bearing surfaces. Eliminates damage to the U-Joint and other costly components. As the cables are tightened, the tool eases the brearing assembly out of the yoke.

Can be used for Re-Assembly

The Kiene Universal Joint Puller can be used to realign the bearing cap and push it back in place. Eliminates hammering on the bearing assembly plate.