Unique Truck Equipment & Kiene Diesel's Partnership

KieneDieselTools.com is administered by Unique Truck Equipment, Inc. with permission from Kiene Diesel Accessories. Unique Truck and Kiene have been partnering together for over 20 years. Our partnership has allowed us to bring Kiene tools to our customers at competitive prices.

Products represented on KieneDieselTools.com are genuine Kiene Diesel Accessories products. For Kiene products that may not be available on KieneDieselTools.com call (616) 531-8868.

All communication via phone, email, or chat with customers from KieneDieselTools.com will come from Unique Truck Equipment, Inc. If you have any questions concerning KieneDieselTools.com or Unique Truck Equipment, Inc you can call (616) 531-8868.